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Grass-Fed Highland Beef

Everything you need to know.

Animal Welfare

We take special care of all our animals, making sure they always have access to fresh grass and are never pumped full of unnecessary hormones or antibiotics. Highland cattle are renowned for their gentle disposition, which means we often walk among them to give them alfalfa cube treats and scratch them behind the ears.

You're welcome to visit the farm and see for yourself before ordering any of our beef. We can also update you on the life of your cow as we care for her with monthly farm updates.

health benefits

Scottish Highland beef really is a cut above. The thick Highland coat helps insulate against cold winter winds, thus reducing the need to develop excess body fat. The result is a tender, flavorful beef. Independent testing has shown that Grass Fed Highland beef is significantly lower in fat and cholesterol - and higher in protein, iron and omega-3 fatty acids than commercial beef. 

Grass Fed beef is also better for the environment. We don't waste precious resources planting, harvesting, and transporting grain, nor do we spray needless chemicals on our crops and pastures

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All shares require an upfront deposit before your cow can be reserved. We attempt to process each animal near 30 months old each Spring and Fall. We currently do not have any shares to sell for the Spring 2018 season, but are taking orders for Fall 2018. A limited number of shares are available each year. Once all shares are reserved your name will be added to our waiting list for the following year.

Once we receive your deposit, your animal is reserved. We will notify you a month before the date your animal is to be processed to go over details such as scheduling, cuts, processing facilities, and any other specifics.