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Grass-fed beef from Pasture to plate

Sustainable + Humane + natural


Welcome to our Farm


Thurslie Farmstead is committed to raising great tasting grass-fed beef in the most sustainable and humane way possible. Our herd of Scottish Highland cattle spend all of their time on pasture, never in confined feed lots like most commercial beef. They are also never pumped full of unnecessary hormones and antibiotics. In return, our cattle give us a flavorful, lean meat that is significantly lower in fat and cholesterol - and higher in protein, iron and omega-3 fatty acids.

At The Farmstead you will also find a flock of free range chickens, a fruit orchard, berry patch, kitchen garden, and small herd of free range children. We chronicle life on the Farmstead here on the blog, or you can follow along with Facebook or Instagram.



Thurslie FarmsteaD  Cass County, MO






buying our grass-fed beef

Scottish Highland Cattle produce a naturally lean beef because their thick coats don't require the thick fatty outer layer of most traditional cattle breeds. Coupling the Highland's naturally lean genetics with pasture based grass feeding means that our meat is naturally lower in fat, rich in omega-3, and other antioxidants like vitamin E

We sell our beef as cow shares. You can purchase a whole, half, or quarter share. Prices are based on the hanging weight of the cattle, which is usually between 300 - 400 pounds. The amount of meat you get will depend on the cuts you chose, but most customers receive 60 -80% of the hanging weight.  Additional charges to the butcher will apply, and usually cost $1/lb.

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$4 per pound

$100 deposit required.

Approximately 25o- 325 lbs.

15 cu. ft. freezer required.

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$4.50 per pound

$75 deposit required.

Approximately 125- 165 lbs.

10 cu. ft. freezer required.

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$5.00 per pound

$50 deposit required.

Approximately 60- 80 lbs.

5 cu. ft. freezer required.